Spilled Water on Your Laptop? Here's how to fix it

Water and moisture can play havoc with our Laptops, desktops and other essential day to day used electronic gadgets. Oue suggests ways to take care of your Laptops - from damage due to water, moisture and lightning. Prevention is better than cure and reading this article is usefull to take care of your gadgets.

Place your laptop on dry newspaper or keep them covered in suitable waterproof cases. Do not use Laptop with wet hands. Do not connect computer, charger and Laptop during lightning. Remove power adapter after chargin because High voltage due to lightening or other reasons, on electrical line is a major cause for gadget failure.

Even with all the care , Incase your Laptop gets water spill or any defects First remove laptop battery and dry it immediately using a dryer. And never try to switch on again and take to the nearest service center at the earliest. If your laptop broken, keypad some keys missing, over heating, screen cracked, hard disk failure, hard disk data loss, latop battery not charge, laptop adapter not working or any other laptop related issues just call us and get perfect solution.

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